Greetings intrepid beer lover, and welcome to the Evening Brews. Yes, it’s yet another blog squeezing some juice out of the proverbial internet cheese. Here’s the plan. We’ll venture into the world of craft beer from our London HQ, drink as much of the amber nectar as time and money allows and then drag ourselves back to a computer to write words about what happened. This could words about breweries, drinking establishments, tasty beers or just about anything that we deem worthy of mention.

We, your humble authors and beer geeks, promise to keep the tone light while we drink our way through to beer knowledge. Our aim is merely to educate ourselves, and hopefully you, our esteemed reader, will enjoy the process. We are amateurs, neophytes, alcoholic Sunday drivers, when it comes to the world of beer. If you’re looking for in-depth tasting notes and strokey-beard conversations about yeast, then we can’t help you. But we hope to write some really interesting articles and take tasty photos that arn’t just for the obsessives, but for anyone who just loves a delicious brew.

We hope you enjoy the words we write and please let us know if you have any comments.

Thanks for snooping by.