Say Hello to Howling Hops

The howling hops bottles
The Cock Tavern is the antithesis of the faux shabby chic you’ll find in many new pubs. This is a proper boozer in the heart of Hackney. Its ceiling-to-floor dark wood and multiple entrances and exits hark back to the good old days of snugs and indoor smoking…
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Liverpool Craft Beer Expo 2013

Even more Jesus at liverpool craft beer expo
Liverpool Craft Beer Expo is one of these new breeds of beer festival that is taking the experience to headier heights. Run by brewers, thrown in one of Liverpool’s most achingly hip venues and featuring some of UK’s shining stars of the craft beer scene…
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Brewmaster series: Derek Prentice, Fuller’s

Young's Brewery insignia
“Brewing is about getting it right”. These words are coming out of the mouth of Derek Prentice. I’m sitting opposite him at Craft Beer Co in Farringdon. He’s easily one of the most experienced brewers in London, maybe the UK, maybe the world….
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