This is the final post in our trio of articles about the beery credentials of Copenhagen, following the posts about the glorious Mikkeller bar and Copenhagen’s awesome beer shops.

My first encounter with Nørrebro Bryghus beers was at Kihoskh, the Copenhagen corner shop which featured in the awesome beer shops post. I still have wet dreams about their beer selection. It was a hot day and Kihoskh is conveniently situated right next to a speck of grass, just the spot for a drink in the sun. If it’s good enough for the local hipsters, it’s good enough for me. As I was geeking out, going through their fridges, a crowd of young and beautiful Danes stormed into the shop, each of them homing in on the cans of Nørrebro Bryghus New York Lager, making me think of it as Copenhagen’s answer to London pride, but with more hipster craft beer credentials.

The next day we found ourselves visiting the smaller arm of the Nørrebro’s brewery, which doubles as a bar and restaurant. They’d advertised they were offering brewery tours, but when we got there and chatted to the barman it turned out that it wasn’t as organised as we’d been led to believe. Thankfully, one of the employees was very happy to treat us with an impromptu tour of the operations and talk us through some of the beers they had on tap. Armed with a flight of eight of their beers from the bar we got chatting.

The beers were accessible and delicious, with a completely unfiltered citra pale being the highlight. It had the appearance of a dank pond but with a real smack of hops that I always welcome in a tipple. The barley wine was another highlight and the tour guide explained that a barrel aged version of the same beer had recently won a gold medal at the World Beer Cup.

Nørrebro Bryghus really does epitomise a brewery that is made for the city it is in. Much like Camden Brewery, it makes accessible beers, the New York Lager being one example, that are easy to drink and easy to like. While it might not be as exciting and flamboyant as the notorious gypsy brewers of Copenhagen who are currently hogging the craft beer limelight, Nørrebro is a quality brewery and an integral part of this beer soaked city.