Noble Fine Liquor in Broadway Market
Broadway market is a special place on a Saturday. From street food and local producers to vintage furniture and good coffee – it’s a great place to spend a sunny afternoon, wiling away the hours and some hard earned pounds.

Noble Fine Liquor has been a part of this scene since last year but I had to wait for the frost to leave my bones before re-venturing out to look it over. The shop’s decor of exposed wood, dangling filament bulbs and iron aplenty indicates that this is not your typical off-licence. This is not the place to get your Tennent’s Super.

The Keg Line at Noble Fine Liquor

Noble Fine Liquor is predominantly a wine store but they also stock a great selection of both hyper local and international beers. The beers they carry have been meticulously selected, but their ace-up-their-sleeve is the three shiny keg lines filled with liquid from some of the best breweries in the UK. On my visit they had Magic Rock Salty Kiss, Dancing Bear, Brodies Hackney Red and Wild Beer Fresh, which in itself should be enough to steam up the strongest beer geeks’ glasses. I went for a freshly filled bottle of Salty Kiss, a sumptuous and summery gose beer.

The bottles on offer span from local heroes like Kernel, Howling Hops, Brodies and Partizan to some more further afield, such as Hardknott, Cantillon and Mikkeller. The Cantillon selection is impeccable. They’ve even hosted a tasting evening showcasing some of the brewery’s treats. It’s a brewery that seems to fit with the ethos of Noble Fine Liquor, standing up to their wine counterpart, in both grandeur and taste. They’ve also taken a stab on brand new outfits, being the first to stock nanobrewery extraordinaires Pressure Drop.

Some of the bottles on offer

The shop’s beer selection is small compared to others, but in some respects I am more inspired to buy from them because of it. The ‘less is more’ approach really does help the non initiated into craft beer, as there is much more chance their first experience with the good stuff is going to be positive.


I think Noble Fine Liquor stands for something that’s still missing a bit in the London beer scene. There is a dusty air of tradition that can sometimes bog it all down. The idea of a ‘nice looking offie’ doesn’t even come into our mindset, which does no favours for the acceptance and respect of good beer. The more beer venues and outlets step up their game, to do something more interesting, the more new people can get excited about the scene, and the more exciting beer will be produced. Noble Fine Liquor in their own way are making it more interesting, and I massively respect them for doing that.

Noble Fine Liquor are situated on Broadway Market, London Fields, E8.

Their Twitter is @we_are_noble and website is