Mikkeller bar in Copenhagen

Each beer geek has his or her own idea of the places they must to go to quench their beer obsessions, and one very high on my list was the Copenhagen situated Mikkeller bar.

For a gypsy brewer such as Mikkeller, who doesn’t even have permanent brewery to speak of, the bar definitely feels like an epicentre of sorts for his operations. You can even see the effects of his small beer empire permeating around the area. An awesome burger joint serving specially made Mikkeller beer, a bottle shop owned by his brother and other bars with Evil Twin’s Hipster Ale poster proudly adorning the walls. All of these beery sights within a few blocks from the bar.

Mikkeller bar in Copenhagen

Having said all that, the bar is most definitely a humble one. It is a small, unassuming space, so much so that I nearly accidentally walked in the Turkish bar next door thinking it was it (and this was my second time there!). White walls and mismatched furniture make it feel more in line with London’s new wave of Antipodean cafes rather than a bar or pub. The clientele is a definite mix too. You can spot the geeks from a mile away, drinking alone or in groups, huddled over notebooks or sniffing their beers before entering into debate, drowned out by the mainly post rock playlist.

But this is not just a bar for the geeks, it is most definitely a neighbourhood bar with a healthily and varied clientele. For a brewer whose output is defined by some of his stronger brews, there is a great balance of beers on the keg lines, with only a few over 10%. There are normally ten Mikkeller beers on, with space for ten guest beers. The bottle list is also extensive but also face meltingly expensive, so I stick to the reasonably priced kegs.

Mikkeller bar taps

You can get a beer in either a small (25cl) and large (50cl). I always go for the small so I can have variety, which does me well. This is not a place to keep going for one thing, unless that thing has blown your mind and you can’t think of life without it.

Beer highlights included the chipotle tinged Texas Ranger and Sort Gul, a Black IPA that has a lot in common to the Brodies Dalston Black IPA (that was also on the bar). The single hop IPAs were tasting fresh as always. The only regret I had was not to try the Sam Adams Utopian, though £8ish for a shot was a tough one to justify.

A drink at the mikkeller bar

I urge any beer enthusiast to take a trip to Copenhagen sometime, and that’s not just to visit this place. It’s an awesome city with or without Mikkeller, he just adds the delicious alcoholic icing on an otherwise hugely satisfying cake.


Photos by Whatkatiedoes