To finish off our week celebrating the humble beer label we want to take it back to basic and shine a light on some of the best home brew labels around the world.

The great thing about homebrewing is that all the people involved are doing it because they are seriously passionate about beer. Some of these homebrewers are also designers,which of course means they’ll spend time making some awesome labels to go with their brews, doubling down on the awesomeness. Here are a few of our favourites:

Homebrew labels

Bennie Kirksey Wells
Beer: Hopocalypse Wow and Black Eye PA
Bennie has most definitely got the homebrew label bug. He’s prolific when it comes to creating awesome labels for his brews. His gritty labels are some of my favourite home brew labels, with strong typography and great composition.

Nick Slater
Beer: Stinger Beer
Nick is obviously passionate about beer, as the sheer amount of little beer projects he has worked on proves. His illustrative, fun style really fits contemporary craft beer and his Stinger IPA is a great example of this.

What Katie Does
Beer: Garden IPA
I might biased here, as Katie is my girlfriend, but when I asked her to make a label for my summer IPA, she absolutely killed it. A great example of how to create a sketchy but elegant label.

Dan Gneiding
Beer: Cobblers Homebrew series
Dan produced these labels for a homebrewing friend, on the condition he could draw them all in one go. Thankfully for his friend, they came out really well. They have a great ‘freeness’ to them, and the slapdash nature of the labels sums up what makes homebrewing fun.

Andrew Pautler
Beer: Paulter Brewery
Andrew created this label so he could give his homebrew concoctions to friends and clients. The execution is both clean and illustrative – a great blank canvas for all his beers.

On a final note, if you are not that design inclined but want some awesome homebrew labels, get yourself down to the fermentation society. They do the hard work and let your friends even review your beers online!.


Designs belong to their respective awesome designers.