There is something beautiful about an amazingly stocked bottle shop, and after reading a post about beer in the Copenhagen, I realised the city might be stacking. So, like any sensible beer geek I packed light, ready to bring back some Danish-centric goodness.

It didn’t take long to realise I was in for a treat, as our flat we were renting was close to Ølbutikken, a shop owned by Mikkeller’s infamous brother Evil Twin. The shop breaks up the beers into pales, dark beers, lambics and crazily expensive beers, and has a small area to drink on site if you just can’t wait to get the bottle home. I got into a conversation with one of the guys there, and gingerly chatted away about the beers on offer. It was obvious they loved what they do and were immensely knowledgable, which is exactly what you expect and hope for in a sanctuary of beer that Ølbutikken obviously is.

The second shop we hit was Kihosk, a corner shop situated by a lovely green square in the city where the hipsters come to drink on the sunny days (think Hoxton square with busier roads).  It didn’t take me long to know it was not any old corner shop when the first beer I eyed when I walked in was a huge bottle of Three Floyds stout. The selection they have is pretty extensive, and they are reputed to be the cheapest for buying Mikkeller in the city. The shop isn’t just dedicated to beer so it was a bit cramped to just peruse so we grabbed a few cans of IPAs and chilled in the square. One thing to note is that unlike off-licences in the UK they are happy to open any bottle you buy there if you want to drink the beer then and there.

The last major bottle shop we hit was Ølbaren, a magical cellar of beery wonderness near the Nørrebro Bryghus. The lady in the shop was super helpful and recommended some great Danish beers such as a Barley Wine by a brewery called Hornbeer. They also had a great selection of bottles from around the world and surprisingly had a huge stock of Scrumpy and Cider, but hey.. that is not what I was there for.

All in all, Copenhagen didn’t disappoint on the bottle front, and thankfully I hit the kg limit on my suitcase on the dot.