It’s needless to say that here at the Evening Brews we love beer. We love it whether it’s from a keg, a cask or a bottle. We’d drink it straight from the fermentation tank if we were allowed. A while ago we saw a little experiment undertaken by Mikkeller showing how one of his lagers changed over a period of time. He had a panel of experts tasting the same beer every week and noted down how it tasted. We found this slightly scientific approach to beer tasting fascinating and it got us thinking. British beer is blighted by a ‘Cask vs Keg’ debate, which a lot of the time is rooted more in tradition and conceived ideals rather than the actual taste. So we had the idea to get a whole bunch of people together and see exactly how these different methods of serving and conditioning changes the beer.

To get this organised we needed professional help, and luckily for us that came in the shape of the beer buffs at Craft Beer Company. The result is our very first ever craft beer event and we’re are super psyched about it. On March the 18th we’re planning to fill their Clerkenwell establishment to the rafters with beer fans in an epic Cask VS Keg blind tasting extravaganza.

This is how it’s going down. There’ll be four beers (all included in the price), served from both cask and keg, all lovingly sourced by Craft Beer Co’s manager Tom Cadden. We’ll go through each of them in turn. You’ll get two glasses and, without knowing which one is which, you’ll taste it, then contemplate the differences and give your scores on a scorecard. The beers will be judged on aroma, flavour and mouthfeel, as well as given an overall score. You’ll also get to give additional comments, if you so wish. At the end of the fourth round we’ll collect all the scorecards and announce the winner, along with any interesting observations that people have made along the way.

We’ll also have a professional jury, hopefully consisting of some heavy hitters from the craft beer scene. Their job will be to pick apart the components of each beer using their skilled tasting apparatus and give a detailed and proficient judgement on the quality of the beer. All their findings, and the data collected from the score cards, will be discussed in detail in an upcoming article here on The Evening Brews. Expect graphs and info-graphics.

This event will be nothing if you don’t turn up to help us find out the intricate details of casks and kegs. It starts at 19:00 on Monday the 18th of March and will cost 10 quid to join. Tickets are available at EventBrite. Come drink with us, we’re sure it will be a fun and interesting evening.

Watch our Twitter feed for updates about the beers and the jury.