Collaboration Brew With Siren

When we started the blog over two and half years ago we mainly wanted to declare our newfound love for beer and learn more about this delectable beverage, but we also had a list of things we wanted to achieve…
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What’s Brewing, Stavanger, Norway 2014

Whats Brewing
What’s Brewing is the latest new shiny beer festival to grace us with its presence. This one in the town of Stavanger, Norway. These guys really went for it, with an amazing line-up. We travelled across the sea to check it out.
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Indy Man Beer Con 2014

Having impressed beer drinkers from near and far in the previous years, the Indy Man Beer Con was out to do it again. And we were thirsty to be there. We took a train up for the early Saturday session to drink, chat and soak it all in.
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Zwanze 2014 at the Kernel Brewery

Zwanze 2014 at Kernel Brewery
Every year Cantillon brews a special lambic beer to be released all over the world, exactly at the same time. It’s become a global event that’s got beer fans hooked. We went along to Kernel to sample this year’s brew.
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London Beer City

London Beer City is shaping up to be a glorious celebration of beer. We met up with WIll Hawkes, the man with the plan, to find out more about what’s going to happen.
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Buxton Brewery Trip

We visited Buxton Brewery in Derbyshire to check out their new brewhouse and tap house and talk about what inspires one of the best breweries in the country.
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